Sunday, February 20, 2011


now i want to tell you about my school life. how i can enjoy that-bored-activities there. maybe if i haven't my BEST FRIENDS, i'll be a luzer ha-ha (ngga jelas) i called them FERGUSSON FAMS. yeah, that's a lovely name for my group of friends in shs! check it out :

we (i) called her Kanjeng Mami. guess what? because she's look like her. Kanjeng Mami in Awas Ada Sule! hahaha but she always get angry when we called her like that. she has uhm favourite boy in school. his name is ... (secret) she is fun, kind, and a big momma for us. she as a lot of experience of love hihi ;-) pinky girl.

my best friend ever! i always told her about my happines, sadness, and anything i want to tell. she is kind, childish, emotional (sometimes) but i love her! her house is not far from me. and we always do homework together. she has uhm troublesome former bf, and i'll often be bothered because of him haha ;D we like to travel by motorcycle together. very childish girl.

dental wire girl. i called her RB haha (artinya rhs) she is very fun, very kind, and beautiful. she has a bf. and her bf is younger than her (a.k.a berondong). fashion girl, the GAHULS of us! always followe the fashion trend. always give suggetion an love case. crazy girl.

lisp girl. can't speak 'r' well hehe. the best editor photo i've ever met ! her photo's always georgeous. always bring camera wherever she goes. bkf girl ._.d have a loooooong loading! hahaha always have many story to tell us. cheerful girl.

white-skinned girl. like corpse maybe *peace ._.v my chairmate :* my quarrel friends. emotional, narsist, bkf girl. playgirl! hahaha always exchange her story with me. tall girl.


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