Thursday, June 28, 2012


as i promised on my last posting, now i'll post the picture about 'something i & friends made in the kitchen'
TADAAA! This is it! Rainbow Cake a la cheff audrey, ramnis, icut, nia, jella, dayeh

wow! look amazing riteeee? but honestly its not as what you see in the picture-_- we failed many times when we made it. hahaha it just great in appereance but inside it? ppffft so bad. the taste? luckily it's delicious hahaha. but we're proud of our first cake we made together 8) #likeaboss

andddd on june 24 yesterday, one of my best is turning 17! yeap she is Amalia Widyasari. Happy birthday meldah wish you get healthy, wealthy, and happy always we love you so mucho xoxoxo. on that day, we came into amel's house to celebrate her birthday hehehe. and this is what we gave to her as birthday present.

who is SFAU? she is my best too, her name is Siti Fauziah Nurul Khotimah, and she is also the best director. she like to make short movie and upload it to youtube. you can find her in her channel: stispeter. actually, her birthday is on april 28 but we (dona naira saski sharah shinta & i) gave her present together with ameldah's birthday fufu. the party was so crowd! i met some of my junior high school's friend too there (amel and i were in the same jhs) amel must be really happy that day! and here are some of our photos there ;-)

audrey dona ditha naira shinta amel sharah

dana arief dwi ungul sharah audrey

sharah shinta ditha audrey naira

siti shinta sharah amel audrey naira ditha

the birthday girl, amel mouse (?)

audrey dona shinta. we are the red girls haha-_-

naira ditha sharah. we are the colorfull girls haha-_-

sharah naira ditha. they seems like say "what?!!!"

there are so many photos but im so lazy to upload all of them hehe. and yes! i had a special dinner tonite. i just had dinner together with my lovely friends, they're ais & zahara! zahara just treated us as her birthday treat. and finally we had our quality time together! yap there are no funner thing in the world than have time only with your best friends ever and i enjoyed it so much! and as usual, we always have gossip timeeee #girlsfavourite hehehe. so glad to meet both of you my girls<3

good night people, have a nice dream!
kiss, drey 


Sindy said...

beautiful pictures! :)

drey said...

thank you :)
yours are more beautiful than mine. love your blog!

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