Sunday, February 20, 2011


what did you do in free time? hff if that questiones for me, i just answered : nothin special. just make a lot of tweets, or looked at bored-timeline there. hey this is seurious ! that's the reason why i hate free time. it rather to study at school than holiday just stay at home for me. i just heard my mom's lecture about i-am-as-lazy-girl that just sit in front of the pc and type a lot of alphabets in chat, status on fb, or tweets. but that's the function of cyberworld, right ? to entertain us that dont-have-a-fun-holiday here. its 23:38 now, and im not sleeepy yet. maybe because i slept afternoon yet. haaaaaaaaaaaaa what should i do now ?! my mom start to command me to sleep but im not sleepy! ok enough for my blogging tonight. wish i can write something unimportant for this blog again tomorrow (tomorrow is holiday). keep smiling ˆˆ


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