Wednesday, June 1, 2011

twilight yapyapyap

hi everybody! miss me-_- long time no post hfhfhf sorry dori mori biri biri yaw salahin tugas gue yg seabrek2! merekalah penyebab gue jarang ngepost belakangan-_- *lebih. and nooooooow i'll write some post bout TWILIGHT. yap twilight, my fav movie ever! not write maybe, just share some photos of my edward, my jacob, my cullens, and my werewolf. happy reading; seeing; anythinglah fufu.

Bella Swan; the luckiest girl ever

Edward Cullen; the coolest! His love is wonderful<3

Jacob Black; so damn hot! argh *lumer

Enough for introducing (honestly there're so many actors there, but too lazy to share it now wkwk) and i'll show you bout the greatest acting i love<////33

In Lavender Garden. so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

Edward helped Bella from the car. He was amazing!

Bells&Jacob. Lovely U,u

Love this family soo! The Cullens (they're so cool ryt?)

Dakota, you look so cool as Jane! apa kabar keluarga Volturi?

'you leave me alone, Ed. please don't gooo!' *eaea

which one Bells! no maruk pls-_-

Jacob, you're se sexyyy with ur long hair xoxo

Alice and Jasper. So romantic ryt?

ini ngga ada di movie sih, but love this picture soo

Cool. love you all :*

Segini dulu ya. tbtb laper dan mau makan(iyalah laper makan) and adios amigos.
with love



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