Saturday, March 30, 2013

liebster award

yippie yeay! i got my first liebster award from my superb buddy: zahara (thank you and love you babe) i got this since jan 3th 2013, but i just have a chance to post like right now. to be accepted of this award is you have to answers some questions from the one who gave you the award.

here it is, the requirements that must be followed:
thanking who has given this award and include the link in your post
write 11 random things about you
answer 11 questions the same people who love this award
share this award to 11 other bloggers who have followers less than 200. put their links in your post. be sure you know them if you love award.
create 11 questions to 11 bloggers who you nominate :)

okay i've thanked zahara for this award and then let's continue with 11 random things about me.
i am a bookworm. i love books. a looot. i don't know how my life would be without book beside me bfr sleep. i have my own world when reading books soo it's no offens guise.
dreamer. when one day you see me laugh or smile or cry alone, it doesn't mean that i need a doctor or what, it's my book who made me have million of hallucinations. well, but i love it.
i'm your grandma. i forgot things a lot (sorry)
a romantic. i love the part when Hercules told Hera, "people gettin crazy when they're in love" and ran after it to save Hera's life. that's just too sweet i can't help.
a consultant. i love to give advices for my fiends prob. it just nice seeing the smile of the one you love appear after their tears by hearing your suggest.
love my sister more than brother. sorry brad
blogwalkers. watch out i'm your stalkers lol!
love maroon 5, justin bieber, katy perry, dev, and other american singers
moody (sorry for this)
i wanna be an American since i love all their movies. most faforite movies: harry potter and twilight saga.

and the questions are:
1. what are your reasons for blogging? to share. it's nice to write down all you know and let anyone know abt it too.
2. any kind of blog contents? many. most of them are my diaries, some pictures, random quotes, etc etc.
3. when did you first start blogging? forgooot (yesh a grandma). i alrd made 2 blogs bfr this one, but i forgot the password. but i made this blog on feb 2011.
4. your first post on the blog? my first post usually abt the introducing of my blog. the link
5. if you have time blogging routine or what you like instead? random. i post when i want to.
6. posting on your blog that your own work or copy and paste from another site? bcs mostly the contents of blog are my 'dear diary' of course i made it myself. but some of pictures i took from google and tumblr
7. you know all your blog followers? not at all. i know some of them who are my friends and the half of it i just knew from the comments on my blog.
8. how many blogs do you follow? what makes you follow a blog? manyyy. if i like their post i'll do follow them. most of them are fashion bloggers :>
9. no ads on your blog? if there is why you put ads on your blog? if there is not, why do not you want to advertise on your blog? no. not interest either hehe.
10. how many blog do you have? (give the link if the blog is more than one) and what is the most active blogs? 3 but the two of it i can't find the link (maybe it's alrd deactive) so i just have one blog and this is the most active blog (;
11. congratulations. thank youuuuuuu <3

aaand the lucky persons i'll give this award to are:
1. naira aulia rahmaputri
2. ditha pratiwi
3. amalia widyasari
4. yuyun apriyani
5. dita kusuma wardani
6. saskia nurul fitri andini
7. annisa qarima puspita

here are the questions for them:
1. why do you love blogging?
2. from who you know about blog world?
3. who is your fav blogger(s)?
4. what country do you like the most and gimme the reason!
5. how many blogs do you follow?
6. do you like reading? what kinds of books do you like to read?
7. describe your life-wanna-be from movie and the reasons why ( like 'i wanna be Bella Swan in twilight because she's so lucky to be loved by 2 hot guys in the world' )
8. what is your fav songs?
9. if you were given i wish, what would it be?
10. what's your life quotes?
11. who is your inspiration?

p.s: wish me luck for the national exams pleaseeee


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