Saturday, March 9, 2013

i'm (almost) done

so i'm done with schools final exams. wait, it doesn't mean i'm free. there are still some of practice exams and national exams i have to face. you don't know how i want to have time machine to make time flew fastest. but well it's all about the process. all the goals means nothing if you didn't feel the process. well, everything instant will gone instant too. so here i am. trying to enjoy all things that God given me. eventho' it is hard. really. i 'sigh-ed' much more than 'thanked' *forgive me God* :(

well, sorry guys for always read all this boring life of me. all i talked was always about the exams and exams. sorry but this thing is what fullfiled my head for these few months and nothing can't help but to pour it into my blog (bcs i'm too lazy to write it in my own diary). hope you're fine with that : )



Ruby and Rosa said...

ya yaa your right :D
the process is the important one :)
good luck with your national exam okay!
cheers ❤

drey said...

thankku so much for the support, Ruby and Rosa!
xoxo ❤

Karen Corpuz said...

wow... you got an open diary on the web.

drey said...

well, yeah....

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