Thursday, April 25, 2013

don't grow up. it's a trap!

good news! i've passed those mess' (re: national exam) a week ago and it's a relief i feel inside my heart now. WHOPS not all relief. i haven't know what kind of score i'm gonna see in my report card of last semester yet. and well, i wanna share about that famous national exam in this year, 2013. i thought this is the worst nat-exam that have ever been happened in indo (if you know what i mean, indonesians). we have 20 package kind of questions which means we really are NOT allowed to cheat with the others. ups it's not the end until there, the question and answer sheet are in one package so to answer the question, we have to tear it up first. i mean, oh c'mon! 20 package of questions is more than enough to mess our brain and heart all up and down... but it didn't make matter since i've passed it (hopefully) well and swear to god  i'm going to enjoy my gonna-be-loooooong holiday now :) *thanks for all the prayers dear readers*

oh well, and today is zella's birthday! she is turning 18th today and i'm like 'oh c'mon dude, i just took a photo for my identity card of legitimatilly an indonesian and she is already 18!' time flew too fast baby. but after all, i had a good day. we ate pizzas and blew the candles (not we but she is) and walked and walked and sang in karaoke and back home. i gave her my handmade as a gift and i guessed she likes it *glad* can't wait for the next good day :)

but i feel like there's something missing here. i miss my all classmates like so much. we finally ended up being 12th graders. we are not required to study in our class anymore. no more homeworks, no more cheat, no more laugh in class, no more nag from teachers, no more fight, no more. oh so sad :,( before this, we want everything goes fastly, just for not doing assignments, studying, and yadda yadda. but after all have passed, we want it back again (not we maybe but especially me). i miss all the time, the memories. yap the memories. it will only be memories to keep in mind, will never be replayed. oh shittttt i hate to grow up. i've ever seen someone's quote said "don't grow up, kid. it's a trap" and i just realized it's a true. yes it is absolutely a trap :(



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