Friday, May 10, 2013


just realized that i've never have a 'permanent' inspiration in life, so far. i have ever inspire Ayuzawa Misaki who is the main character of my lovely comic 'My Sweet Kaichou' with her strength and high self confident to face anyy problems she had. and also to always be yourself because people will love you for who you really are, right? you should her the comic, it's so funny! and the guy main character is soooo asdfgjkl handsome omg.

but it is not the real one, i mean she's not real. i want to find my inspiration in a person, who live in a real world. i love to suffering internet and found many fashion bloggers, both local and international. and i waaay love to see their different fashion style. i have many lists of my fav fashion bloggers but i only inspire one of them a lot. she is the great Diana Rikasari!

here she is! the pretty, Kak Di :)

i adore her so much. she owned 2 shoe brands and the shoes are all beautiful. i want to buy one of their heels for my ceremony graduation but it has 14 working days to arrive at my door since i need it for the next 7 days. poor me ;(
she is such a suppa creative person  i've ever seen (not in person, only in blog)! and the most thing i like from her is she is BRAVE enough to be DIFFERENT. she is not afraid to wear any 'weird' look even she got many bad judges from 'unresponsible-big-mouths' and brave enough to judge to the right things. i like that! she always have little things to be happy with in many hard things to face in life. she through it happily and ended it well too. i love to read her life journey to be as great as now, and that things reallyyy inspire me :') and when it goes to her husband, oh gosh both of them are the sweetest! read her blog to approve it.

i realized that i'm just a girl who 'sigh'-ed much more than thanked Allah for what i have now. and i love her mind set in this post: here to click

things to remember:
when you see other people's fortunate life, don't just look up at theirs and adore them without do anything to change your life as better or more than them. it's a poor thing. go grab anything beside your hands and make magic with it! there's only a rainbow after thunderstorm right? you just have to find your own rainbow and remember, the way is not always go smoothly, sometimes it's complicated or maybe windy but if you try hard, believe that you'll find the best! cheer up ^^v

"Always have God in your heart, and you shall never worry too much." - Diana Rikasari



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