Thursday, June 20, 2013

today, i'm....

i'm currently reading Lupus novel right now and it easily make me get addicted. eventho' it is really old novel but i still loove the whole story. the genre of Lupus novel is actually more humorous but we can find some serious blabs, the means of friendship, love story, high school, and so on. i read it from ebook since i only have two novels of it :( (which is very old since it was the heritage from my cousin and the paper can broke easily) Lupus novel came up from two different storyline, when he was kid or the Small Lupus and when he was grown up or Lupus. i like them both!! the way Lupus treat her girlfriend really makes me got envy. i even wonder if i have a boyfriend, he must be at least humorous like Lupus (and don't forget his coolest way on chewing gum). i can laugh until my stomach aches but sometimes you can see the tears flow down by my cheek just by read the novels. i'm thinking to have another series of Lupus' books but still have dilemma with my wallet condition (if you know what i mean). but i promise myself to add another Lupus novels into my books rack *pinky promise*

well, i played badminton with my friends from the first grade in high school at indoor gor. well, that didn't goes well as i'm predicted since i got soooo annoyed (don't ask me why. just. don't.) but after got my head (and heart) cold, i'm feeling way better :) the key is "don't listen to other, just believe in yourself". well, i'll make sure myself to keep that words inside my head everywhere and anytime i go! i will never let anyone mess my day just by acting trashy *inhale exhale*

p.s: i still have another dilemma, between watching Refrain or thrifting books. which one you think the best to go first?

enjoy your 3 months free, dear third graders (oops should i call you college students wanna be? :b)



Lucia said...

I prefer thrifting books :)

drey said...

hi Lucia :)
i'm done both of it in one day actually. it was really fun!

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