Thursday, June 6, 2013

talk that talk

hello. i finally back to blogging! how's life everyone? mine was not pretty good enough since i have a very long holiday but have nothing to do. but hoping yours is better :) firstly i want to congratulate myself to (finally) becoming a part of my fav university ever. yeap, i am the yellow jacket-gonna-be now! let's shout out loud 'hip hip hooooooorraaaaaaaay'. oh dear, you don't know (or maybe know) how superb happy i was that day when i opened the ui website, signed in, click the 'result selection', and finally see the 'Congratulation, you are accepted in University of Indonesia'. i can't breathe in seconds, just stared at my laptop's screen and when i got back my consciousness i automatically screaming like 'MOOOOM, I GOT IN MOM! I GOT IN UI!' and my mom when that time was about to pray ashar ran to get me and asked 'really?' after i nodded in, she hugged me tight and congratulated me. heheheh. eh, i really don't mean to show off or whatever you think i'm doing by telling you this good news. i just. i'm just about to write in my blog since i haven't touch it in ages *excessive* and the first thing came across my mind is this news. so i just type it here as what my mind asking me to hehehe. well, i can say i'm a bit relief this time because i don't need to join sbmptn or you can call that a written test to enter university. you don't know how many people who gonna join this test since this sbmptn is open to this year, a year ago, and 2 years ago alumnus of senior high school who haven't got the university. WHOA. i can't never thank God enough for this precious gift. BUT, for all my friends who study very hard for this test, my prayers goes to you all. hope you all can be the part of your favorite university, amen!

talking about friends, me and my friends had a plan to have an exchanging gift. yap but it should be handmade, no buy stuffs! it's our agreement to make the gifts by our own hands to exchange. it can shaped as a frame, pop up card, scrapbook, or anything handmade (sounds so fun, eh?) the reason behind this all is  because we're not gonna meet for a long time since we will separate into different university, so we have to have at least one thing to keep remember that we still have best friends out there. ugh so sad :( but the good side is i've done mineee!! i've made my special gift and it's shape is........ still a secret :b wait until the date is coming guys ;b ;b i can't hardly wait actually!

ah, talking about 'can't hardly wait', i have a list for that. and here's my can't-hardly-wait list:
to hangout with friends and exchanging gifts
to do a movie marathon (refrain, after earth, fast & furious 6, and any movies, come to momma deaaar)
to come to jakcloth
to life my self as college students (yes, yes, i can't wait)
to buy the newest edition of comic conan and my sweet kaichou (told you that i'm a comic maniac, yes?)
to buy old comics which is on sale in mall near my city
to re-watch SAO or Sword Art Online. i just really adoooore Kirito-kun besides Usui and Shinichi. oh, i love cool guys!! (have i told you that i'm an anime maniac too? if no, well, i'm telling you now :D>)
to download the next episodes of Slam Dunk (nah, this is my newest hobby rite now. Slam Dunk is my favorite anime gonna-be! yip yippiee)
to re-read some old novels and comics. (i like to re-read books when it is holiday and i get my bored life, just so you know. as long as it is not encyclopedia or any subject's books, it'll be all ok. usually, it is novels and comics. and you know what? i've done all ilana tan's books by  re-read it all only 4 days and each books i can done with only 3 until 4 hours before sleep. am i great, no?)
to see any comments you left in any entries i've typed :)

and things that make me happy these few days is: my comic collection reaches the number of 230! and still counting baby, do not need to worry ;)

okok, i think this is all i can say haha. tell me, how's your days so far? oh, and Happy Isra' Mi'raj day to moeslems all over the world!!

"Succes is that old ABC- Ability, Breaks and Courage." - Charles Luckman



DIPRATH said...

Ahhh you make me so curious dreh 0.0 Ayoo pergi ke jakcloth together huahaha :D

drey said...

AAH there you are ci! hehe me curious with yours too :3 let's let's!!! :D

DIPRATH said...

Hehehe tunggu tanggal mainnya ya dreh tapi harap diterima saja ya punyaku no comment pokoknya haha.
Let's goo but i'm broke neh -_-

drey said...

can't promise you but i'll patiently wait until the date is coming. haha i know, me too :(

Veren Lee said...

wow congratulations for your acceptance in UI! Ang good luck for your study and other things in your 'can't hardly wait' list ^^

thanks a lot for stopping by on my blog :)

Claireta Teressa said...

congrats ya ☺
and welcome back to blogging!

visit my blog?

drey said...

@Veren Lee: God am i dreaming or what, my fav fashion blogger wasted her time just by read my blog. thank you Veren. your comment made my day! :)

drey said...

@Claireta Teressa: thank youu :) ah will do! thanks for reading my blog, Clairetta.

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