Thursday, July 11, 2013

God's plan is always better

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 feel so sorry for my blog which i haven't touch in month. don't know why but i'm not in the mood for post anything these past few days. but don't worry cause i'm here now! i just checked my email too this morning (since 32756350 days haven't touch it) and found a sweet surprise : Veren Lee commented on my blog! omagah i'm sooo happy! if you're not knowing her, go check her blog and find out how cool her style is. i'm a fan!

oh and by the way, i'd like to say HAPPY FASTING to all moeslem's readers! may we could pray better than the last Ramadhan, Allah forgive our sins and accept our fast and prayers amen  this is our third day of fasting and there are still 27 days to go to reach the goal. wish i can do my best and get the blessing of this glorious month!

i realized that time flew so fast! it's like flipping your hand and tadda it is a half of 2013 and 5 months later we're gonna meet the new year of 2014. i mean hey, i feel like i just through this year yesterday. all the had works, do many tasks to prepare national exam, the last time together with classmates, register on university, all the fears to not pass national exam well, graduation, acceptance in fave university, reunion with classmates, and yadda yadda. all of them is what i've been through in the last 7 month of 2013 and i feel like... it happens! can't thank God enough, i feel blessed. 7 months ago, i still woke up at 5, prepare anything for school, wore grey-white uniform, met friends at school, studied and laughed at class, went home, did homeworks, and anything normal students do for highschool. and i'm like.... an abnormal who enjoyed her very-long-but-gonna-meet-it-ends-in-the-next-couple-days holiday and missing her classmates like crazy. lmao.

i just still can't believe it. we all know that God's plan is always better, but i just knew it right now. i never ever dreamed to live these months like this, but God does. like, when the first time i sat on 12th grade i'm way so scared of national exam (and it's 20 package of questions). i can't even imagine how could i pass it that well and now? i passed it. to be a part of yellow jacketers is always be a dream of me since i saw my cousin did her task in her room for faculty of economy of university of indonesia. um i forget how old i was that day, is it 8? let's just say i was in 2nd grade of elementary school that time. and the dream get bigger when i was in 10th grade in senior high school and had university visit to ui. i adore their building, their very large library, their green park, their....ah everything. and it's like dream comes true to be accepted in the university. i feel so blessed. God loves me and so do i. i should be more grateful over all things He gave to me in life. and stop sigh-ing hihi.

p.s: thanks Allah, i love You.



Michelle said...

I like your positive outlook.

drey said...

thank you, dear Michelle :)

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