Saturday, September 21, 2013

let the story tells

this. is. the. longest. time. i. haven't. touched. this. blog. since.
i miss what i'm doing rite now. like. xo. much. (using x instead of s. just to make it more excessive)
typing, blogging while letting my ears relax by listening to my favorite songs, the sounds of pouring rain which is really give my mind spa time... aah me and wifi quality time....
haven't i told you? that i'm a college student now? i mean, i rally am a college student! i've passed those orientation week (i mean month. ugh.), be a very weird or nerd person by wearing those boring white and black uniform (oh seriously), keep your mouth sealed on those 'angry seniors' moment... anddd surprisingly those have been passed succesfully (oh of course the sighs included). and now i'm PURE a normal college student of university of indonesia! (how that sounds to you, eh? i'm typing this with a big smile on my face. srsly) SO HAPPY.

i'm very very happy to be at home again (home is heaven, rite?). i've experienced those homesick moments and that's very make me sick. and i love love my pap so much for the super high speed home's wifi. i can download a 700 mb movie with only 30 minutes. *kiss my pap* uh, oh! and yesterday is september, 20th guys. know what? MY BIRRRRTHDAY! I'M 18 NOW O EM GEE. unbelievable, yea i know. so sad i should celebrate that happy day with my loneliness at my dorm by listening to voice notes my best friends gave to me.... so sad. but thank youuu for all of you who still saved the date. and for every wishes, i really really appreciated it! *insert smooches here*

i want to tell you a lot of stories but it's always hard for me to write down if i'm not in the mood. so, maybe next time uh-kay?! everyone wishing me best of luck for going thru my first college's year pleaseee ;);)
btw i'm listening to rock that body by bep while typing this *i have a little clubbing here. lol*



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