Thursday, March 10, 2011

where is the l♥ve?

where is the love when i need it?
where is the love when i can't life without it?
where is the love when i cried coz i can't find it anymore?
where is the love? where?!

you know what i feel when i saw my friends got their love when they with their couple?
it's envy, sadness, shy, and many more
i just asked my self 'when you can get your love ha?'
and no one answer

hey search my love
give me my love
but no one tell me where is my love
maybe i forget about what love's mean
or maybe i REALLY dont know what love's mean

love is a warm hug you when you felt cold coz you have some problem
love is a sweet kiss that can make you can smile again
love is when you wait his mesg on your handphone when he doesnt replied your mesg for him
love is when you were happy when he invited you to have a date in saturday night
love is when he picked you up after school

is that love?
love can be so sweet (sweeter than chocolate's valentine maybe)
love can be so strong (stronger than ade ray maybe)
but love can be so destroy too (if he hurt your love when he went with his friends but she is a girl)
yeah that is love
with its warm but sometimes it can be very cold

p.s: wish i can find my REAL l♥ve oneday ƪ˘)ʃ
with l♥ve


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