Friday, December 30, 2011

flu argh

omy! this flu is killing me so bad! a pile of tissue is really faithful to accompany me all days (since 5 days ago maybe) oh yes. i have sore throat, cough, and colds too. could it be any worse than it? i hope it isn't. this is too much worse for holiday. well, as far as holiday i think it's not really fun. i just've visited my cousin's house, hangout with friends to mall, and have gossiping with ais few days ago (when she want to borrow my small shovel for her assignments, i forget what the name is it) another? just stayed at home, browsing, played with aurell, fought with andre, helped mom, etc etc. fuhhhhh what kind of boring is that? ok maybe i'm called like a-very-unthankful-girl but as a student who always have many assignment in school that have her long holidays, i need some refreshing things too. why mom&dad can't understand it? i need MY HOLIDAY. and this colds is really really sucks T_T especially my cough! it has slimes so when i cough, the sounds like *grook grook* oh man!!!! disgusting rite? please God, let me recover from all of this illness, so i can hangout with my family. pleaseeeee. :(

todays quote : the best thing to hold onto in life is each other. - Audrey Hepburn



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