Saturday, January 21, 2012


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long time no catch you blog. so sorry. i wanna tell you a bad news. our lovely friend has passed away on jan 14th. he's Rizky Alnaldo or we usually call him Key. i send a big condolances for those who lost him. so sad to know that you left us too fast Key. we wont forget you. you're our best friend. we love you and always pray for you. be rest in peace Key :')

katy perry. i love her for sure. she always look gergeous and im swear i wanna have her as my barbie. a few days ago she came to indonesia for her california dream's tour (am i right?) but so sad i cant reach her in the concerts. congratulations for those who watched her. im so envy with y'all :''''( but dont worry. im still your katy cats, katy! <3 lol i remember a funny story about this. me and my friend, zella told the boys in class that we would watched katy perry concert and you know what? they believe it for sure! ha ha we are a good liar, zel. :-D

oh well and now im gettin bored. bored as hell. i wanna make anything fun but too mager to do anything. weird huh? huf oya! last friday we celebrate our teacher's birthday, miss Ari. we bought blackforrest and made a lil surprise and of course sang 'happy birthday' for her. may you have a blast longlife and a great year ahead miss. we love you <3

i havent take a bath yet. too mager, remember? there are a pile of assignments to do and idk how to start. physics really make me crazy. im too idiot for that lesson. help me to do my homework please. im absolutely a labile insane. my mood is up and down now. i feel so happy now but a second later feel so bored. huf tired being this. amuse me please!!!!!! i need a moodboster rite now. who wants? :-)

thanks for hearing my keluh-resah-kesah-gelisah. have a nice day folks (for me too)


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