Saturday, January 28, 2012

water falls from the sky

hey. rainy here. just stucked in front of laptop. i miss networking so much. pfffft there is still indonesian homework to do, but i have not done it. lazyness upppp! wel, i just had a litle meeting with my loveliest. and we talked about everything. i mean. every. we pulled out every disturbing thing in our heart, laugh out, and well gossiping. o wait. the sleeping beauty awake. poor her. she slept in her room alone. fyi: mom went out with aunty and dad worked. aurell awake bcs of the sounds of thunder. she cried, hug me tight and slept above my stomach just like a cute kitten.

well, this week i have much group assignments. ok its not too much, about 3-4 group ass. but its enough to full my mind with those things. drama. ugh. why drama? ok i love it butttt its so complicated. we should know what film we want to perform, dialogues, costumes, enough enough enough. please dearest teacher, dont give us too much. too tired, frustated, stressed out, and blahblahblah.

and it has been long time since i played my tumblr. i miss tumblr-ing so much. rain likes to fall in my town so much. its rain everyday here. no prob. i like rain. i love the smell of wet soil. like the smell of hometown. cold. peaceful. nice weather to have sleep. but dont know why im lazy to sleep in rainy day. just wanna watch that natural beauty moment and accompanied with hot tea, jazzy music, and books. whoa! perfect moment. B--) by the way i have a novel to read.



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