Monday, April 2, 2012

bonne nuit

you couldn't imagine how i miss blogging pretty much. and now here i am! have i told you that im in frustation situation? of course not. but im frustate, desperate, and ugh everything bad! its not about guy i love, but its about the lessons at school. in 2nd sm, my physic teacher command us to presentate all the matter from archimedes law until thermodynamic 2. she divided us into 10 groups and each of group have different matter but connected each other. and i got group 9 with heat capacity of gas matter. and we just count days until i and my group (bude and uray) presentate it. o god im so afraid i'll fail (wish thats not happent). theres some matter i dont understand about heat capacity but tomorrow i'll consultate about it to my teacher. whooo00000ooa! i feel like wanna scream and leave all the pressures! but i kept on motivate my self that i can do the best *fighting* support me and wish me all the luckiest!

and anyway (ehem) im happy today. guess what? i met him. the-guy-i-liked. my senior *blushing* we looked each other anddddddd...... ok it just looked. i didnt greet him, just smile (my best-est smile of course). and yea i like it hehehe. i know whats in your mind right now. you must think that im a stupid girl. a guy i liked was in front of me, but i couldnt say anything even it just 'hi'. ok so sorry if im that shy hehehe:$

fyi: i'll have loooooooong holiday when my seniors in the 3rd grade have national exam (GOOD LUCK MY SENIORS! esp. you (ehem)) na na na na ey. oh and I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER VERY VERY MUCH <3333333 YOU'RE THE SWEETEST GUY EVERRRR! if you were my boyfriend ughh (you should listened his new song BOYFRIEND) his voices are hotter than before!

well that is all. wish me luck for all the days i'll through.



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