Thursday, May 24, 2012

its a life

*hugs for bloggie*
it has been 8493565954313130 years i never touched you #lebay but really, i do miss blogging so much. well , it seems like i miss anything but i back! hm where should i start? ok a week ago im done watch The Avengers & amelda. such a great mooovie and i promise i will watch for the 2nd part. and and and geezwhat? my schoool is not such a jerk anymore hoo-ho they give us short-holiday from thursday until sunday and it makes me feel like WAW ily school <3 ow yeah theres a bad news about the senior-i-like, he already has a girlfriend but dont worry its not love i have to him, it just umm like fans?! whatever forget him and find another HAHA. ok i have one honestly, hes the one i cant forgot for a minute, hour, days, weeks, months, and many times bhahaha. ok skip.

aah! i almost forgot. a few days ago i just got a little surgery in my left eye. the doctor said that it was an infection of gland in the eyelid. that was my first surgery of my life. and all my impression for that is HURT. it was hurt so much. could you imagine when your eyes are needles? its perfectly hurt huhuhu but i didnt cried (great!) i just hold the tears with my teeth gritted. and after all, she wrapped my eye with bandage and made me look like Jack Sparrow. when i sent my Jack Sparrow-picture to my uncle, he laughed and used it as his display picture (such a crazy uncle ryt?) but it has recovered now and ta-daaa my eye back to normal! thanks doc (but not for the medicine. did she think im be able to swallow all those fvckin big medicines?!?!??)

in this weeks, there are many problems come to my friends and their lovers. and im just a bit confused about it. they asked me for suggestion and i give my best resolution for them. but um i just feel this is so weird. im single and free, so why they asked me? but of course, im ok with all of them. i just glad to help people i love and see theyre happy too :--D

hoah i need to get back to my room and have some rests. there are too many things i should do 2morro (group  tasks. what else?).



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