Wednesday, June 20, 2012


hei! im on my holiday after those school things (re: exams and classmeet) ruined my life. and this is my holiday! i still have no plan for what im going to do in the next 2 weeks but dont ask about my schedule for this weeks. its all full! on monday, i went with my mom and did beauty treatment. we had facial together hehehe. and on tuesday, we (me & fe) had a secret project together in shinta's house. and on that day i was very shy. they already knew about the 'thing i dont want to tell them' hafft. on wednesday i went to school. me idung icut jella arab and windy talked about our plan to have class feast event on saturday nite. its gonna be sooooo fun since we just met at least in classmeeting (and i didnt join them until the end of classmeet bcs i went to jakarta. but finally we win as overall champion on that classmeet! and i got first rank on mtq competition. i cant believe it omg. wiiy!) 

and today im not going anywhere. just stay at home and browsing (backsound: fuuuu). and saski just visited me! i returned back her mechanic pencil that she forgot to put when they made bulletin board in classmeeting (i didnt join-_-) we talked about the feast we're going to have on saturday and she talked about what she has done last night-_- yeah if you are one of my bbm contacts, you must knew that last nite my status was >:o>:o>:o>:o:]xx. its all because of the girl that visited me then. whoaaaa i was so shocked that nite!  but tomorrow, on friday we (me arab idung icut jella dayeh) will make something in the kitchen and i cant wait for it :9  i'll post the picture later if im done with that. and on saturday my mom and dad will get my report cards from school. omg wish it good amiin! and on saturday nite we'll have the feast together at dayeh's house yippieeee! 

and well.... talk about heart. *ekhem* this is so sensitive. but if there's a quote to represent my feeling is "something feel precious when it's gone, right?" - anonymous :$

and have a great weekend everyone! <3


Naira Aulia Rahmaputri said...

the 'thing i dont want to tell them', haaaatttchiiiihhh !!

drey said...

ARGH *shy*

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