Friday, June 29, 2012

just. a. post.

yes. thing i really i want to break up with- is stress. can't stop spinning arround my head. really disturbing. top moodbreaker. the cause of my annoying sensitive. sucha great breaker!

that's how i looked like when i stressed. so cute ritee? ok it just kiddin'. 

this is how honestly my face when stressed out. it feels like 'i can't hold this anymoreeeee! get that fvckin' mind outta here!!!!' 

i'm sucha thinker. bad thinker. i can't life one day whitout a whole think in mind. from the thing-i-should-think until the thing hey-should-i-think-about-this?. asking a lot of questions for myself everytimey even idk what is for. it makes me crazy some of time.

yeah all i wanna do is run. run as far as it can be. far far away. but i remember the thing. run is tired. so i forget that thing and quickly changed my mind.

a cup of tea makes everything betta! i love its smells. its taste. its colour. its cup. its puff of smoke in a cup of hot tea. and when you sip it slrrpt. hahhh its nice. feels better. 

if sayin' goodbye is as easy as sayin 'hi', i swear i did that long time ago. but it just 'if', so i didn't do that. keep my chin up and focus my eyes of all i'm gonna face in front of me. keep in life!

 enjoy your time, ppl.


Clara Turbay said...

i love what you do here.

drey said...

thank you :)

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