Saturday, July 14, 2012

it's over

and hi! holiday is over and tomorrow is monday. *sigh* honestly i'm not ready for school but i'm ready to meet my friends. i miss all of them so badly. i miss icut, arab, jelleh, idung, bella, tari, dora, bu aji, dayeh, winda, widi, putu, litha, izza, manda, uci, intan, lola, jawek, uray, stephie, tonang, ichwan, and all of the boys. i miss class, the tables, the chairs, the whiteboard, the infocus, the music (from RnB until dangdut), the laugh of someone's jokes, the talk when we have lunch together, the cheat when exam *oops*, ALL.

*it's a lie i'm not that happy honestly*
now i'm a 12th grader which is i have to focus study to face the national examination. omg i'm going to enter the college next years, time flies too fast! wish me all of lucks in this new grade! god bless me amin.

yesterday me and fams went to my cousin's new house and have a party. it was quite fun to meet all of big family. we talked, ate, and laughed as much as we can til my tummy is fully field (i can't feel my tummy last night). and then we went to my old house too because one of my cousins grandma is passed away. i had a really quality time with family last night. but there's a bit annoying too. honestly, i have to attend my friend's sweet seventeen birthday party that night, but blame it to traffvck jam. we just arrived home at 10.30 p.m. and that time, the party was over. it was almost midnight and it wasn't a good timing to come to ppl's home so i didn't join the party. so sorry yuli :-(

umm i can't understand about that guys mind. why are they so complicated? if i were a mind reader... sometimes i feel like he doesn't want me anymore in his life, but sometimes i feel like he wants me back (maybe i'm just too confidence or it's only my feel? idk) but it's rather to be friend than act like a stranger like this even each of us know, we don't. well, i wish for the best :D

and yeah! Ramadhan is coming!!! we are going to have a month fasting (wish it's really a month!). we're gonna have sahur at subuh, break-fasting at maghrib, pray tarawih after isya, until angbao in lebaran fufufu. and the most eagerly awaited in Ramadhan is *tara dung ces* ketupat! by imagine that, i can taste my drool's falling down. yum yum yummyyyyy. can't wait! thanks god i still able to meet your most precious month in a year. o:--)

enjoy your weekend folks!


Naira Aulia Rahmaputri said...

"sometimes i feel like he doesn't want me anymore in his life, but sometimes i feel like he wants me back"

siapa drew ? juls ?

drey said...

'someone you dont have to know' exaactly, nai :-))

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