Saturday, July 21, 2012


konichiwa! it's Ramadhan now and i've done my first fasting pretty well (thanks god). i prayed tarawih today with aisyah, one of my favourites. and just as usual, we talked about many things. and finally we got the point that we are same. we both love a boy (different boy) but we are too ashamed to admit it ahaha *high five*. we dont know how long too keep this feeling or maybe we dont know, should we keep hiding (eventho' its hurt) or saying out about this? any suggest? ;-p

ah skip that. yesterday, me and my friends visited Key. it has been a year he left us. may you rest in peace Key, we'll never forget to send pray for you. we miss him. a lot. it's kinda weird when 2 years ago we still can have together break fasting, but now? all we can do now is just visited him in his peacest place beside god :-)

aand we have a 'big day' tomorrow! wanna know? i'll tell you later okay. it's still a secret hohoho.

oh by the way i want to send apologizes to all of you for my words which is kinda hurting you, my bad act (yayaya i know-_-) and many more. let's celebrate Ramadhan with spread the love and peace by forgive each other. it'll be nice if all of you can forgive me, thank you very much strangersss.

enjoy your limited time folkies


cathy said...

Yay. <3 Good luck on fasting :)

followed your blog, follow back mine? :D

FriskaApsari said...

nice blog :)
check out my blog please :)
maybe follow :)

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