Sunday, August 12, 2012


dont ask how is my day because it just made my day worse than before. yap today is absolutely not my day! k lets check it one by one.

first, i hurt my friend by my words. of course i dont mean that. we just had jokes like the day before but idk that she's not in the mood or anything and now she got mad with me.dont blame me that much because i was trying to apologize but respons. ok i'll try again later. and then we (i mean fe) had a problem about our plan to have together breakfasting. yeaa we want to have together breakfasting with my friends in tenth grade but it's just so so so complicated. gah! (please dont blame me too much now bcs there're another reasons to make me feel like a stupid luzer)

what else? one of my friends are having fight with her boyf and (no, she doesnt blame me here bcs i'm not 'exist' in this problem) asked my suggest. i'm trying to give my best suggest but she's still in her way. so i mean, why should you asked me but then you just decline my suggest? ok maybe i havent being like that but i'm trying hard to get that suggest so yaa i hope you'll minimally be nice with me. just so you know, i'm not that person who just listen your problem with a half of my ear. i will listen it pretty well and than give my best respons, so that you won't regret that you have told your problem to the wrong person!

oh one more! my cousins just made me to reboot my laptop in bad ways bcs he played games and made my laptop hang. wuffh please god, dont make this day worse than it. i'm in a god level of madness right now. all of those problem is like spinning around on my head. i have told you that i'm an over-thinker, haven't i? that's me!

enjoy your day people! (dont ruin your day. just. dont)



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