Thursday, September 13, 2012

aloha again

hola again! sorry for this long time just for posting. now im a 12thgradder and yea.... just so you know, there are so many things i have to do in this last grade. it's full of homeworks, tests, presentations from monday til friday (repeat). and dont forget my precious weekend are also gettin' ruin by this things #screwed. my weekend always booked by group works, and yea some stuffs like my friends sweet seventeen birthday party, and so on. like seriously, this year is full with birthday partay! and so am i h3h3h3 i'll officially 17th next week yeay!

eh and you know? i'm posting this while watching that famous 'Gangnam Style' video hahaha. i just knew about this video rite now even tho' i was curious about this from a long time ago, but my friends just told me this (so last year rite?) so im in the class now together with guys in 12 exact 3. actually, we're about to wait biology remedial test now. geezwat?!! all of us got score under the standard that we have to thru. great? YEA!

bless me?


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