Tuesday, September 25, 2012

not good :(

hi. i'm writing this while doing my homework with an injury on my knee and cold feeling that kills me. and yeah, as the title mentioned, i'm NOT GOOD. i can't stay in my room because it's freezzing inside, but i can't stay in this condition without my bed and pillow :( so i'm staying here. let my body get cold huehehe.

hey, i haven't told you rite? that a few days ago was my birthday. for god's sake, I'M TURNING 17! still can't believe that time grows so fast. too fast, actually. now i'm gonna have my own card identity as myself as part of legitimatilly citizens of indonesia WHOOP!

aaaaa-nd there was never a birthday without a surprise! and I GOT IT, DAMN! in the D day, there was no one part of my bff (saskia, siti, cici,  naira, shinta, dona, sharah, and amel) greeted me. no one! except naira, that has been 'accidentally' spoke that. thay have federated it. and almost all of my girls in the class didn't either. i thought that, all of the world were so cruel to me, and i couldn't stop cry that day *oops hehehe* ah and it was only zahara that gave me a birthday greet in that early morning *kissh* and ais greeted me at the same day but AT NIGHT! that girl....

but 2 days laterrrr, taddd-da! they (not all of them actually, just few of them. bcs a fews more can't. they are jella, idung, nia, and icut *pooor me*) came to my house and gave me special gifts. thank you for the gifts and wishes, loves! love u <3

*i'll post the pictures later. homework, remember?*
nite people! (and morning and noon and afternoon) for people in another different countries :)


Naira Aulia Rahmaputri said...

ha ha ha... whadda silly accident -_-"

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