Sunday, October 21, 2012


hello there. i just wanna share about my bust daily activities eve-ry-de-ay. i can't understand why teachers in school are so cruel? they kept on giving us as 12 graders a pile of assignments. i guess all of them had known the fact which is all the 12 graders have to face national examination in the next 5 months and we just have optimum time to study in school which is only 3 months (holiday isn't include). we should use that short time as well as we can, shouldn't we? argh this is get me overstressed.

can you imagine?! from 2 days before, i used my body so hard to make a video clip for art and culture lesson. i mean art and culture?!!! well, it is not like i hate that lesson but... come on this is art and culture! we must do some funs there, rite? i wasted my 3 worth days to take a rest and used it to do that assignment. make scenes, take many videos, scream, watch places, and editing the video was my foods in this 3 days (from friday til the end of the week). and well, just fyi i always stay at home at 9-10 p.m. ok i'm about to die. tiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeed.

the good news is i had done a super-stressful 2 weeks for midterm! WHOOP WHOOP. and i already knew the results which is not really bad, not as i expected but it's enough. and well it's gonna be midnite if i don't end this fastly, sooo good night then. just make yourself be ready for what you're going to through tomorrow. arriverdecci!

n.b: i miss you. can't you call or just text me? pls?


fhenny said...

the video must be fun!
happy weekend
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Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

Don't worry you'll be free in about 4 months (:

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drey said...

thank you :))
the video is greaaat xo

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