Thursday, December 20, 2012

i'm lost (again)

i'm emotionally tired, of my self. why i kept on lying my self? why i kept on saying 'no' eventho' i knew perfectly what is right? why my lips can't combine well with my heart? it just follow my brain and -bam- i just got shit.

yes, the chance only come once or maybe twice (if you're lucky). and luckily it happened to me. it came twice. but i lost the two of it. stupid? idiot? liars? yes. i hate me. ugh.

and now what i'm doing is just wait for the stars fall. so that i can wish the third chance will come again. and promise to god, will never lost this one. promise.



Ellyzabeth Tanaya said...

don't be sad dear :) just let it flow and pray that God will make your life better :D

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drey said...

thanks ellyzabeth, i hope so :)
love your blog anyway xx

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