Sunday, December 30, 2012

the precious 2012

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can you believe that 2012 is about to meet its end? i can't. how fast the time flies. it's hard to believe that i have spent almost 48 weeks, 365 days, 8760 hours, ... minutes, and .... seconds (count it yourself) in 2012. i've through many bad and good things in this year and that was amazingggg, unforgottable. in 2012, i got the special age (my sweet 17) which means a lot for me, i had my best girls who have been accompanied me in sad and happy moments (sorry to disturb your ears too much of my complicated-love-stories zah, is :b:b), i through all the happiest things together with my classmate friends (love you xo muxxh), and for you who have invited me but i -accidentally- broke that :) 

i got so many lessons in this precious years and thanks god for keeping me and the world alive (who said that 12.12.12 would be the end of the world ha?). ipromise to self that i will learn from my mistakes in this year to make a good change in 2013 (wish me luck!) :D

new years identical with making some wishlists to do better in. i think i don't need to write my wishlist here bcs we all alrd know that we should do 'BETTER' in the next year. but if i should rank my wishlist, 'being on time' is at the top of my wishlist hehehe. honestly, i'm not an on time person and it's so disturbing (for me and another person). let's give applause for my best friends, esp. aisyah who have been though enough to deal with my bad habit since a long time hihi *kiss kiss* wish i were able to change this habit in the next 2013 amien.

well, it's rainy seasons here in indonesia and floods are everywhere. let's pray the best for the victims and thanking god how blessed we are who are not the victims. anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!



winda octavia said...

happy new year 2013, dear =)

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