Wednesday, January 30, 2013


really dont know how should tell, but this is really a tragic moment i've had in the first month of nu year. a few days ago, exactly on saturday night january 26th 2013 my highschool was burned. it's likely 30% maybe? idk exactly but one row building is completely gone. there are likely 6 rooms which is burned a few days ago. i (and all my friends) got shocked that day. our school... i just had fitness time the day before, and on saturday it dissapeared. i was shock and sad. it's like i can't believe this!!

on sunday, all the students (include the alumnus) come and helped us to clean our school from the debris. we're all so sad but it can't turn our spirit down to tidy the school. but our headmaster is the best like ever! he told us not to despair and give up. we have to rise from the sadness and keep our spirit up!!! and our school twitter acc made a tagline "We Will Move On Immediatelly, Smanda" which is just so touched :'):') 

well, i just hope for the best with this disaster and learn the good things from this. yesssh, we gotta move on immediatelly!!



Vivid Virginia said...

Hi there! So glad to found this wonderful blog :D

drey said...

hello! nice to know you too :)

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