Thursday, February 28, 2013


if i were able to scream out loud as the title mentioned, it'd be veryyy nice (srsly). i'm having tryout from today until the next 2 days (include saturday.....) hang on, brain!!! idk why but knowing i'm in the 12th grade now is even not enough to motivate me to study harder and harder :( (so sad) 2 days ago, me and my friends just had a motivation seminar from a motivator. he's greaaat! he told us not to study in night but in 1/3 of night and do pray tahajjud diligently and i was so excited! it was succesfull for me to do that 2 nigths bfr but it didn't work last night (got oversleep omg) and wish me luck for tonighttt.

oh! and i just registered sbmptn (it's like university entrance test) but haven't do the finalization. THIS is what really makes me confused all the time! this is gonna be my future if i were accepted in one of the universities i've been registered. so i should think over 1000 times to choose which one is the best for me and..... i did finally. bless me, god!

all the 12th grade things are just so complicated! i never though bfr that entrancing university is as hard as this *sigh* just fyi, you have to do your hardest work on this and never play with your choice! no no no! think twice or 100 0r 10000 or maybe a billion times bfr choose before you regret on it.

todays whispers: dear all readers, can you please pray for me for the next national exam? i'd very bery bery appreciate it if you would do and thanks before :)

p.s: for you, who have messed my heart up and down thank you :)



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