Sunday, June 30, 2013

p.s. i love you

i'm in love with romance movies. you've known about that, don't you? like what horoscope always say, virgo is such a romantic person hahaha. maybe that's why i smile randomly or bite my lips when i read or watch that 'sweet' part in books or movies (of course, drey. everyone must do that too, no?) i'm currently addicted to download old movies these times. yesterday i just downloaded P.S. I Love You by reading an article of best 20 romance movies. and gosssh i should recommend you this one because it really really sweets (with 's' because the sweetness is too much haha). i can't stop tears falling down my cheeks when i watch the first part of the movie. omg. the story tells about a woman's struggle to move on from her lovely husband who has passed away after lived together in 10 years. the woman named Holy, have no idea how her life would be without her husband beside hers. she just doin' nothing but singing and watching romance movie all days until her family came to her apartment to give her birthday presents on her born day. but her husband is the sweetest. he is like know that Holy can't do anything without him so, he decided to send her wife letters day by day and give her signs to do her daily life as usual. and finally her spirits all raised up again! she can walk through her 'new life' with positive way of thinking.

my favorite line of the movie:
Holy: every morning i wake up and the first thing i want to do is to see your face.

and noow i'm downloading another sweet movie called 50 days of summer! seems like everyone talked about this and i will feel like i'm such a nerd to not knowing this trend lol. and it almost reach 100% and i can't hardly wait to watch the movieee asdfghjkl. i'll tell you after watching it okay ;)

* i've watched Refrain and do thrifting books as i've said in my latest post and geezwut? i've done that in one day. hi hip hurray!!!! and i got my first time using that famous transjakarta ahaha. well, so last year rite? nevermind, it makes me happy :D
** tomorrow my class gonna have bbq party and i've prepared 3 puddings for the dessert (yea at least i'm good at making pudding uh.)

happiness is that simple, right?



dunia kecil indi said...

lol, aku malah belum pernah naik transjakarta :)

drey said...

hi there! you really need to try :)

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