Friday, October 25, 2013

let me give your heart a break

hola! just wanna tell you that i miss blogging so damn much. been so busy with stuffs from college *clears my throat* hehe i'm a college student, remember? i'm currently having midterm right now and i have videography and creative thinking tomorrow, wish me luck!! *crossing fingers* and ugh this creative thinking's task is about to freaking me out. well, not that hard actually but i just um what to call this, well idk i'm just having stress tehee. i dont really into my group honestly but yeaa i should, shouldn't i? mind my words i'm just over-brainstorming. wish me luck!!!! hey i'm having instagram right now, go check and follow audreyandt 
uh oh and my sister is having her ner new hobby which is talking to 'Talking Tom', which is an app when you can talk and he will talk what you talked to him and you'll go talking each other. lol. what an explanation.

have a nice day, buddies!


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