Tuesday, November 19, 2013

currently Audrey doing

here are things i want to share about 'what things i'm currently doing this month'

watching THE HEIRS, a korean drama which easily makes me fall in love. there is lee min ho playing there, how not to love? this drama is what keep me alive each weeks just to wait the website to upload every episodes on thursday and friday and download it super fast. oh my i'm madly in love.

read novels. oh c'mon who on earth a person that able to stay a week without (minimal) 2 or 3 novels? they must be an alien. just read the novel of Dahlian with Andai Kau Tahu titled on it and... it's great.

doodle and doodle. is welcoming my newest hobby! yeap i love doodling right now. um it's not a really new thing for me since i love to draw manga (characters in japan comic) when i was on the 5th grade of elementary school. but yea i can't call this a daily routine because i just do it when i'd love to (but i do have a drawing book which is fulfilled with my drawing, if you're interest to know) well... these days, what i love to draw is clothes. tons of clothes. i draw a lot of it and show them to my bff's, surprisingly they love it! they even asked me to take major of fashion design instead of comm (meh, my old dream...) but i know it just because i'm their friends or they're my friends so they give me a bit excessive compliment (even i can't stand my heart flutter by hearing that. my loves!!) i really want to show you my drawing but but my brother took the laptop to school and i'm too lazy to take data cable and connect it to my comp instead of laptop heheh.

into pink. don't know why but i think i'm just into pink-ish already. i bought a soft pink hard case for my phone days ago and.. it suits! *love struck*

chicken. why chicken? not rabbit or hamster or puppies or any other cute animals? no no i'm not turned into animals, but i'm just chicken. i think i'm having paranoid here. this happen a few days ago, on thursday i remember. after class, me and my friends make a round and as girls would do if they're around is gossiping! we talked about any-thing. until suddenly, one of my friends talked about some urban legend she ever read in a blog. and it spread to horror movies in indo and other creepy country. and ugh damn it i can't stand in my dorm and finally we decided to sleepover at one of my friends house. i thought it would be a while that spooky story scares me but it still! until now, o em gee i can't even go to toilet without being accompanied. sometimes, the curiousity of myself come and i can't help it. but it kills me.... literally. and i make a promise to myself to NOT listening to one of spooky stories ever!!! at least until this paranoid gone away. shoo shooo

eat and eat and eat. every time i stay at home, i feel hungry like all the time! and it just like connection between grandma and her grand daughter because my grandma always cook delish dish everyday YAY! blame that cuddle weather which stimulate my tummy to roar often hehe. oh, but yesterday and (seems like) today is gonna be sunny (sunblock where is sunblock).

listening to Mr. Right by A rocket To the Moon. idk but i love when it repeatedly says girlfriend, boyfriend (is it just me?)

enough said for today. ciao.


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