Saturday, January 4, 2014


I finally managed to get back into this, writing post in my blog. I know my blog is not as good as Brown Platform by Anastasia Siantar nor Weirdo In Pink by Jessica Xu (so there wouldn't be any of readers who will wait excitedly for my next post) but i kinda have nice feeling after writing down all activities i had during the day of uni or had some gossips with the girls hehe please mind some of my random blabs ppl.

Well, let's start with the most popular topic these days..... NEW YEAR! Yesssh it's the newly fresh 2014 people, when i can't sleep all nights in my room because of the sounds of fireworks wherever i hear around (sounds so anti-social huh?) Haha no lah i'm not that nerds. I just had no idea where to go in that traffic-everywhere kind of time. So i just stayed at home and watched some movies like 101dalmatians, step up, and ate lots and lots of boiled shell and stuffs. Oh and i sent my 'happy new year guys' voice notes to bestiest at 00.00 (it was really 00.00, i managed to check my watch twice before sent them) talking about the new year is not complete without rewatch the memory of last year. 2013 was great for me! It gave me lots of new experience as if the first time i knew how it is to be a college student, lived in dorm by myself (homesick is sux), used train to go to uni, new class new friends new college exam... they are new experience for me and i went through all of those fear-of-the-first-time succesfully well yay!! And of course all the best moments in high school were there too :(:( national exam, solidarity, graduation and all high school's stuffs are the best! I mean BEST, no one can beat the feeling of high school students #scored

There are so much things i learned from 2013 and hopefully 2014 will teach me better *finger crossed* HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 pretty people! Let's hope things will get better this time ;)

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